List of past conference presentations 


European Geosciences Union General Assembly - Vienna 2024
Bartek received OSPP Award last year and free EGU attendance this year.
Our students worked as volunteers at EGU conference.
Bartek received a prestigeous award last year and free attendance this year.
Our young undergraduate students presented "Immobilization of radioactive Th by coprecipitation with lead apatites" which they enjoy as extracurricilum activity within Students Scientific Geology Club (SKNG AGH).
Bartek presented novel results on carbonates in apatite - the topic which is hot for so many years already ...
Kacper sheard with new discovery: precipitation of pyrmomorphite sucks up REE from solution like a vacuum cleaner: "First evidence of strong REE compatibility with pyromorphite Pb5(PO4)3Cl".
Ewa showed us again basic research in mineralogy and geochemistry with tremendous potential for applications in global fight with arsenic pollution.
Apatite is a link between LARG Lead Apatite Research Group and Orogen Dynamics Team
Klaudia Dziewiątka and Ania Jędras (MBA Research Group led by Jakub Matusik) presented mineral photocatalysts from kaolin group and synthetic mineral-based materials used for photodegradation in environmental mineralogy.
There was a great party at the very end of the EGU 2024 conference.
Goldschmidt Conference on Geochemistry Barcelona 2019
Goldschmidt Geochemical Conference in Barcelona 2019.
European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy Prague 2019
European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy - Prague 2019.
International Conference of Young Geologists ICYG Herlany 2019
International Conerence of Young Geologists "Herlany" - around the geysir in Herlany, Slovakia, 2019.