Lead Apatite Research Group operates in the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (Faculty of Geology, Geophysics, and Environmental Protection, AGH University of Kraków, Poland).

The informal research team was formed around a leader by graduate students and young faculty at the beginning of the 21st century, when the term “research group” did not yet exist in Poland. Over time, the multigenerational team formalized its existence. Systematic seminars, scientific meetings and presentations emerged. Training courses in determination of unit cell and application of professional computer programs in mineralogy and geochemistry were organized. A workshop “Statistics for a Geochemist” was held at the Orlica Hostel in Szczawnica and many other. The team actively participated in the organization of the International Conference of Young Geologists “HERLANY”. Innovative scientific research undertaken by the LARG research group was an excellent excuse for training the best students and developing top quality young scientists. This is fostered by the multi-generational nature of the team and a positive, creative atmosphere aimed at individual interests and passions. The priority of the group activity is international cooperation, innovative research leading to grants and publications, and, whenever possible, practical application of the results. Members of the LARG group specialize in mineralogy and experimental geochemistry research on apatite, particularly lead apatite, and synthetic analogs. Experiments are aimed at synthesis, determination of structural parameters and thermodynamic properties, and model laboratory studies of practical applications. Research is funded by grants of Polish National Research Centre (NCN), NCBiR, IDUB AGH, by international grants, and through participation in international projects. For over 20 years of its activity, this scientific team has been a blossoming site for many talented students and young scientists. The activity in LARG was the beginning of an exceptional number of excellent scientific and professional careers for its alumni, who work today in Poland and abroad.

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